Oliver Twist

» Charles Dickens

Introduction by - Garth Nix

: Puffin Classics 2008 Relaunch
: 06 Mar 2008
9 - 11 years



The classic story of a young boy who seeks his fortune on the streets of London.

After Oliver Twist asks nasty Mr Bumble for more food, he has to flee the workhouse for the streets of London. Here he meets the Artful Dodger, who leads him to Fagin and his gang of pickpockets. When a thieving mission goes wrong, Oliver narrowly avoids prison and finds himself in the care of kind Mr Brownlow. But Fagin and the brutal Bill Sikes go in search of the young orphan, determined to drag him back . . .

With an inspirational and light-hearted introduction by Young Adult author Garth Nix, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is one of the twelve wonderful classic stories being relaunched in Puffin Classics to celebrate Puffin's dedication to publishing the most innovative and imaginative children's literature for generations.

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Your reviews 24 December 2012

Reviewer: Swathi

'After Oliver makes his famous request "Please Sir May I Have Some more?" , he has to run away.He runs a long way until a well placed milestone , set his wandering feet to London,where he meets Fagin and his gang of pickpockets.Oliver is saved , by Mr. Brownlow , but is kidnapped again by brutal Bill Sikes and Nancy.When a burglary attempt goes wrong , Oliver is shot and is taken care of Mrs.Maylie and Rose.Monks persuades Fagin to change Oliver into a criminal.Why does Monks want oliver to be changed into a criminal,will Nancy find a soft corner for Oliver and try to save him?Find out as you read this classic tale by Charles Dickens.'

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Oliver Twist

» Charles Dickens

Introduction by - Garth Nix


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