Puffin Books: The Story of Puffin
all started with a scarecrow

Worzel GummidgeIn 2010 we"ll be 70 years old. Sounds ancient, doesn't it? But Puffin has never been so lively. Always on the lookout for the next big idea. Which is how it began all those years ago.

Penguin Books was a big idea from the mind of a man called Allen Lane, who in 1935 invented the quality paperback and changed the world. And from great Penguins, great Puffins grew, changing the face of children's books forever.

Treasure IslandPuffin was hatched in 1939 and the first Puffin story book featured a man with broomstick arms called Worzel Gummidge. In 1967 Kaye Webb, Puffin Editor, started the Puffin Club, promising Allen Lane that It will make children into book readers. She kept her promise. The Puffin Book Club is still going strong today and is just one of the ways that Puffin has established its place in the hearts of millions.

Charlie and The Chocolate FactoryMany years from now, we hope you will look back and remember Puffin with a smile. It may be through a journey to Treasure Island or the adventure you went on with Artemis Fowl, Charlie Bucket or that The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure: whether it's a picture book or a paperback, a sticker book or a hardback, if it's got that little Puffin on it it's bound to be good.

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