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Bodyguard: Ambush

Chris Bradford

The best bodyguards are the ones that nobody notices, which is exactly why 14-year-old Conor Reeves is the best in the business. But no amount of training could prepare even him for the wilds of Africa and a prowling, hungry leopard... 

Readers aged 9+  


Chocolate Box Girls Secrets

If you love crafting, creating, cool fashion and baking, then this is absolutley the book for you. Inspired by the Tanberry sisters (better known as the Chocolate Box Girls), it has everything you need for a year of fun.

Readers aged 9-11

Old School

Jeff Kinney

The 10th Diary of a Wimpy Kid was revealed before thousands of school kids watching LIVE all around the world. Be the first to read it – be prepared and pre-order now!

Readers aged 9-11